construction & maintenance of water & sewerage networks | maintenance of gradual installation


construction of new & refurbish | reconstruction | renovation of old buildings


building of business premises, offices and shops | full services from zero to new & complete movable offices

The company was founded in 1997. The first idea for the company was to fill the market gap with companies providing services such as the construction and maintenance of water and sewerage networks and the maintenance of gradual installation.
Over time these activities have been expanded with the construction of new and refurbish/reconstruction / renovation of old buildings.
In order to keep up with the demands of the market, our activities have been expanded to include building of business premises, offices and shops operating on the principle of One Stop One Shop. Full services, starting from ground zero to new and complete movable business offices.




- With already proven quality as in construction, We are proud with renewed customer relationships and contracts. Our return rate is 90%
- We can say with great confidence that we are building objects of all kinds.
- Individual houses, 5,000m2 Residential Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Business Buildings and their complete interior design and equipment’s, same as Gas Stations and Underground Tanks.
- We offer complete management of the entire facility from project preparation and project documentation, preparation of the building facility as well as the building itself (Concrete and Metal Construction)
- Project Design and all necessary project documentation
- Preparation of object for construction
- Project implementation – constriction (earth, concrete, and metal works)
- Electricity and electrical installations, photovoltaic systems
- Heating and cooling systems (including air and water heat pumps, air conditioners as well as classical central heating)
- Water supply and sewage system, internal and external system, solar panels
- Fire protection
- Audio and video surveillance equipment
- Security systems
- Furniture and other technical equipment

Our team

Authorized & Certified Civil Engineer with “A” Authorizations for Design, Supervision, Preform and & Audit
Authorized & Certified Architect for Design, Supervision and Perform
Civil Engineer
Construction Technician
Highly skilled workers
Junior level workers


Outsource Associates

Authorized & Certified Electro Engineer for Design, Supervision and Perform
Depending on the projects, additional experts specializing in certain types of work with which the company has been working for many years are additionally hired.

"B" - General Building Contractor License


Reference Examples


project: EUROPE HOUSE Strumica


Turn key project 2020


project: MICROSOFT offices Skopje


Turn key project 2016-2017


project: Vardar mebel




project: Prokredit bank 2010-2018


Turn key project 2020


project: Family House Skopje


Private Investor - House


project: Family House Skopje


Private Investor - House


project: Family House Skopje


Private Investor - House


Project: Family house, Vodno


Future project


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